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George Clooney to Lead ‘Catch-22’ Series for Hulu

George Clooney to Lead ‘Catch-22’ Series for Hulu

George Clooney will direct and star in a six-part limited series based on Joseph Heller’s landmark novel Catch-22 for Hulu, the streaming service announced Sunday. Clooney, who will play the role of Colonel Cathcart for the adaptation, will also executive produce the series about the book that gave birth to the paradoxical “Catch-22.”

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

I happen to be rereading the book right now. Let’s relive some beautiful moments, shall we?

from the book:

“They were the most depressing group of people Yossarian had ever been with. They were always in high spirits. They laughed at everything. They called him ‘Yo-Yo’ jocularly and came in tipsy late at night and woke him up with their clumsy, bumping, giggling efforts to be quiet, then bombarded him with asinine shouts of hilarious good-fellowship when he sat up cursing to complain. He wanted to massacre them each time they did. They reminded him of Donald Duck’s nephews. They were afraid of Yossarian and persecuted him incessantly with nagging generosity and with their exasperating insistence on doing small favors for him. They were reckless. puerile, congenial, naïve, presumptuous, deferential and rambunctious. They were dumb; they had no complaints. They admired Colonel Cathcart and they found Colonel Korn witty. They were afraid of Yossarian, but they were not the least bit afraid of Colonel Cathcart’s seventy missions. They were four clean-cut kids who were having lots of fun, and they were driving Yossarian nuts.”

from the 1970 movie starring Alan Arkin (also yes):

Dobbs: You don’t really love her. You only think you love her.
Yossarian: How can you tell the difference between loving her and thinking he’s in love?
Dobbs: You have to be objective.
Yossarian: Who’s objective?
Dobbs: I am.
Yossarian: Why?
Dobbs: ‘Cause I’m not in love with her.
Yossarian: You mean you think you’re not.
Dobbs: That’s right.
Yossarian: So how can you tell the difference?

Nick Hornby posts announcement of “Juliet, Naked” film adaptation in the works

Nick Hornby‘s “Juliet, Naked” is coming to the big screen!! Oh my goodness, in many ways this is the announcement I’ve been waiting for since ’09!

But when I read the article, my elan dwindled. The combination of it looking like an entirely American production, and some of the meh-inducing people involved, and the screenplay NOT having been written by Nick Hornby makes me a little queasy.

I know that they (“they” not being the people involved in this production, but rather other American filmmakers and people who are not Nick Hornby) did a good job with “High Fidelity,” but I’m a little more attached to this novel.

And it should be all about me and my expectations, of course.

My undying love for “Juliet, Naked” was immortalized back in ’09 with this review.

I am still excited, but now, hesitantly, warily. I will cheerlead for it no matter what, even if it’s mostly to get people to read the book, which is, je ne sais quoi, One Of The Best Novels Ever Written; nbd.

“The Spies” by Luís Fernando Veríssimo

VERY excited about the book I just got in the mail… “The Spies” by Brazilian writer of philosophic mystery, Luís Fernando Veríssimo… only his third book (that I know of) that’s been translated into English. 

(Into British English, of course. We Americans are so provincial.)

I NEED THIS. I’ve already read the other 2 (“Borges and the Eternal Orangutans” and “The Club of Angels”) twice.

He writes stuff like this:

“All gastronomic pleasure is a co-opted form of sexual desire. We interrupt the organic process of a plant or animal in order to eat it and we exhaust our own voluptuousness, our own perverted sexual desire, in the pleasure of eating.”

More quotes: