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What happens is basically we end up enforcing laws and forcing everyone to live by rules that only attempt to prevent the last thing that was done by the least controllable amongst us. It doesn’t have to be this way. We must not give in to fear. We must empower our better judgment, to create a society where violent rhetoric and imagery is frowned upon, not because it drives the unbalanced to action, but because it’s inherently wrong in and of itself…

Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show,” 1/12/11


Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder on “The Daily Show”

Jon: The impressive thing is to create something that is the fifth most visited web site and not feel the urge to completely monetize it. Have you felt that urge?…

Jimmy: No. For us, for me, Wikipedia is something that I hope is really important culturally. We’re a space is that’s not commercial; we’re a space where people can go to learn and reflect, share knowledge. We’re global in scope, trying to share free information with every single person on the planet, in their own language.

Is this really news? Have this ever not been true? Will it ever not be true? *Can* it ever not be true? Does running anything–particularly people–in any sort of hierarchal structure lend itself invariably to being–or at least acting like–an asshole? Is this really news??

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Michael Pollan | The Daily Show | Comedy Central

“[C]heap food has a very high cost, in terms of health, in terms of the environment.”

I remember a statistic from a text of his: in the 1950s we spent on average 33% of our income on food; today it’s 10%. Perhaps, just perhaps, a result of food science and factory farming? No wonder why we bitch about the cost of real food.

from “The Daily Show”, 12/16/09

Jon: If we do beat you [at the World Cup], it really does, in some respects, put the final nail in the Empire. Your move.
Hugh Grant: I agree with that, I mean you know the Empire is gone, and it’s very sad, it’s very sad for a lot of the world, now having to govern themselves I believe.
Jon: Well I believe we’re helping to take care of that, so…

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart | The media treats Hillary Clinton like a Hooter’s waitress, so Kristen Schaal strips to the Indigo Girls to end the sexism.