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“A Time For…” – Lack of Afro feat. Wayne Gidden – YouTube

“A Time For…” – Lack of Afro feat. Wayne Gidden

Taken from the forthcoming album “This Time”, released on Freestyle Records http://www.freestylerecords.co.uk Buy the single from Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/a-time-for/1780416-02/ Written by Adam Gibbons and Wayne Gidden http://www.lackofafro.com Directed and Produced by Alex Genn-Bash http://www.alexgennbash.com

This is a beautiful, earnest song–unlike its official video. The video makes me increasingly uncomfortable. Toward the end I peek through my fingers, not wanting to look full on but too morbidly curious to look away.

Really not helpful that now whenever I get this song stuck in my head (which is frequently, since I listen to it frequently), these images also get stuck in my head.

But. On some level, I identify with this man. If It let myself go while listening to this song, I might look not entirely unlike this.