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The Monkees TV show 50th anniversary

50. years ago. today.

And I’ve been a fan for nearly 30 of those! It would have been longer, if that were physically possibly. (My mom was not a fan, so I did not listen in the womb, or anything like that.)

My life and personality have been shaped by these lads. I look into these faces—faces and gestures and mannerisms I know so well, more than many family members’—and feel a nostalgia (dare I say saudade) for my own youth, and for a time I never knew.

I’d give anything for a photo of Alicia and me—rocking a custom-made Micky Dolenz tee shirt—the night we saw them perform during their 30th anniversary tour… Highlights included shaking Peter Tork’s hand (with a hand I haven’t washed in 20 years); walking by Davy “I *am* standing up” Jones and only then truly believing how short he was; and getting a smile and a nod from Micky on stage, presumably for the aforementioned tee shirt (I am almost positive I did not imagine that last one).

Good News in History September 12 – Good News Network

50 years ago today, the first television episode of The Monkees was broadcast in the US. The NBC series, featuring Americans Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, and British actor-singer Davy Jones ran for a total of 58 episodes.