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Petition for Netflix to stream Northern Exposure

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Netflix : For Netflix to stream Northern Exposure

Sign the petition! This came from Darren Burrows himself so it’s legit. 🙂

“Northern Exposure was a beloved show with a mega fan base. After the series ended, where’d it go? It’s like it never existed. No reruns? No streaming? Who even owns the rights to it is a mystery. WELL, we the fans, would love to relive the show we once loved and perhaps binge watch on a rainy day on a streaming platform such as Netflix.”

from “Northern Exposure” (1994)

Maurice: We’re talking about two men here. The whole thing flies in the face of the concept of marriage.
Chris: Be fruitful, multiply, that gig?
Maurice: Yeah, that for starters.
Chris: Look, Maurice, I see it as evolution. I mean, the population explodes, there’s something like 5.6 billion, right, and counting. We don’t need any more kinder, you know, the human race just kind of adjusts.
Maurice: You’re telling me that same-sex marriage is an adjustment?
Chris: I see it as mainstream.
Maurice: So in you’re twisted worldview, Ron and Eric are pillars of society?
Chris: Yeah, absolutely! Look, Maurice, guys like me and you, we’re the outlaws, man. We’re the renegades. We’re standing there taking a leak on the picket fence, man, riding down life’s highway, no helmet. No attachments.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the yin and yang of sweet and salt–you know, the surprise of the peanut–the violence–the way it shreds up the soft palate. Just helps me focus.

Chris, in response to “Why peanut brittle?” – “Northern Exposure”

You are a real American. You’re an ex-marine and astronaut. You are America. You’re rich, you’re rapacious, you’re progress without a conscience, paving everything in its path. You’re 5% of the earth’s population, yet consuming 25% of the earth’s natural resources. You pay a lot of taxes, you do a lot of charity work–most of it is tax deductible, but your heart is in the right place. One thing’s for certain, you have impeccable taste in the booze.

“Northern Exposure” season 4 episode 21