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Black Mesa Indigenous Support » Black Mesa Caravan, November 2008

Black Mesa Indigenous Support » Black Mesa Caravan, November 2008

Although Roslyn clings to its coal-mining and timber cutting past, its future will be quite different. As many as 3,000 expensive residences are planned for the immediate area, potentially overwhelming the old town’s population. Forests once owned and managed by Plum Creek Timber Company have been sold to two development companies, which are in the process of developing an extensive golf course community with houses and condominiums on the boundary of Roslyn; the new community is called Suncadia. This bellwether change is expected to adversely affect many small communities similar to Roslyn over the next decades as development property and areas with strong character become more desirable.


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When I was making some extra money, I donated to an arts group. A friend, who donates to medical research, said, “Why would you donate to the arts when people are dying?” with the implication that he saves lives with his donation.

For me, art makes life worth living. It is not enough to save lives from death and poor health; we need to save them from drudgery and monotony and colorlessness.

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Interview – Van Jones | The Colbert Report

The bio from his Huffington Post blog: “Van Jones is working to combine solutions to America’s two biggest problems: social inequality and environmental destruction.” I read an interview with him while catching up on my Sun back issues: Bridging The Green Divide: Van Jones On Jobs, Jails, And Environmental Justice

This is a call to all people of all walks of life–our struggles are intertwined. We are all affected. We are all related, there is no denying that our pasts and our futures are connected. We are all indigenous.

We all have the tools to shape our future. We don’t have to create or invent, just remember, acknowledge, and share. Learn all you can, question all you can, understand, and stand up for what you believe…. Our liberation is the process of defining what freedom is to us.

The streets are our stage.

Is Our Fear of Germs Bad for Our Health?

Is Our Fear of Germs Bad for Our Health?