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Go Howard Dean

Rachel Maddow: You and I have talked in the past about the strategy for the final vote, and who’s going to be put on the spot. If it’s a very progressive bill, then conservative Democrats will be facing the choice of whether or not to vote ‘no’ on health reform in order to seem conservative. If it’s a conservative bill, then liberal Democrats will have to decide whether or not they’re going to vote ‘no’ on health reform in order to seem liberal. Which do you think is a better strategic bet for [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid?
Howard Dean: You know, I think we should just stop talking about liberal and conservative. What this is about is whether the American people get to make choices or whether politicians and bureaucrats and insurance companies are going to make the choices.
–The Rachel Maddow Show, 10/22/09

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On the latest Rick Warren bullshit. It’s almost worth it to have Katha Pollitt on the Rachel Maddow Show.

There’s a disturbing scene in the Canadian TV show “Slings & Arrows”, in which a preacher gay-bashes at a gay man’s funeral, basically blaming him for his own death and screaming “hellfire”. That scene is now not so much less funny but certainly less absurd… Watch the scene on YouTube (it begins at around the 6:55 mark and annoyingly gets cut off and continues here; and yes, the funeral takes place on the mainstage of a theatre, which is also quite the visual).

“Comfort is something God reserves for those who are obedient to his will.”

“I don’t hate homosexuals; but I do hate when they do. Why? Because the Bible says that if man also lyeth with mankind as he lyeth with a woman, they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them! Homosexuality is disobedience to God’s will, because it runs counter to the divine command to procreate!”

I love that logic. Because that must mean that straight people who take a lifelong vow of celibacy (ahem, priests) are also wretched sinners. Personally I think what’s a sin is procreation during times of overpopulation.