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What Paleo Means to Me (a non-dogmatic view)

“My version of paleo goes beyond food (though that’s a vital piece of it), beyond exercise (also important), beyond every-day life. It’s part of a larger narrative that connects these things with the rest of life, culture, and thought. Yes, it’s connected to how I exercise and the shoes I wear, but also to how I think about things and make decisions about where and how to spend my time (and money). It’s all connected.”

Chaplin <3



His was the face of his century. He was the life of his century. Through his will and energy, and yes, genius, he encompassed as much as one man can; the joy and the anguish of his times; their romance, their horrors, and, of course, what laughter we could find in them. He was a flawed man, a haunted man, a tormented man. Which is to say, he was only human. But with this uncanny ability to reflect and refract our humanity back at us.

CHARLES Spencer CHAPLIN      //April 16, 1889 —— December 25, 1977//



Welcome to Johnston, Rhode Island, population 28,769 (as of 2010). The town hasn’t seen a murder since 2004, and has had all of four since 1999.

But thanks to the Pentagon, Johnston’s cops are armed to the teeth.

The town of Johnston has received more than $4.1 million in military equipment over the past two years through a U.S. military surplus program that has supplied its Police Department with 2 Freightliner tractor-trailers, 12 humvees and several other trucks; 30 M-16 rifles and conversion parts to transform them into M-4 weapons, 599 M-16 magazines containing about 18,000 rounds; a sniper targeting calculator; 44 bayonets for ceremonial purposes; 5 generators from M1 tanks; military night-vision equipment…and 23 snow blowers. The Johnston SWAT team plans to train with its military equipment Saturday in a town park.

Supporters of the $2.5-billion surplus program see many valuable uses for municipal police departments. Johnston Police Detective Raymond Peters says the program is helping equip a SWAT team capable of becoming a “world-class hostage rescue team.”

Actually, Johnston had a pretty gruesome murder-dismemberment that involved drugs and children last year.


REALLY, PETA? Even Amanda Palmer knows better ( I won’t even go into the obvious body image/feminist issues here that Ms. Palmer points out. I will say that I make a good amount of money being the only unshaven working girl in my area—so stop telling me it isn’t sexy. More importantly, my partners know damn well it’s sexy.

No wonder veganism and the animal rights movement have come to encapsulate everything that’s wrong with the American left in my mind. It’s going to start being surprising when PETA puts out an ad that manages to NOT be offensive.

That’s me and my son and a new friend.

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Heyyy! We checked out the Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum last Sunday, what an amazing place.  They’ve got some rad displays and lots of interesting historical documents, plus everyone was incredibly friendly & welcoming. There was even a toy-drawer and cookies, both of which Des loved.  I learned a lot I hadn’t known about wampum (their current exhibit). Here’s the website if you are interested, I hope to get back there!