Extreme gender representations in commercials

I came across both of these in the same blog today. Both are interesting representations of fixed gender roles. In the first, it’s your stereotypic flirty-female and buying-boy, and in this case, children, learning their respective expected societal roles very well. In the second a twist at the end, the genders were not what we thought… they can still, arguably, fit into the male-female binary due to the extreme gender presentations that high-class “dressing up” inherently entails. The players in this one are merely switching roles, offering a critique on essentialism but none of the extremity of gender (i.e. you can switch genders now, okay, but they still must be clear and absolute).

I may write something on this more clearly when I’m not having to leave for work… 

From Sociological Images » Dairy Queen gets in on the sexualization of kids bandwagon

From Sociological Images » Gender-Bending Campari Red Ad

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