Unnecessary “feminine” “hygiene” product that reinforces the ideology of the disgusting cunt = idiot?

Can we talk about how much it annoys me when otherwise-progressive people/groups throw around the word “douche” (and its variants of “douche bag”, “d-bag”, I’m sure there are others I haven’t heard) without even thinking about where it came from? I’ve seen people who are conscious of being gender-neutral in their speech (e.g. using “he or she” or “they” instead of the “he” as generic pronouns) pass this one over. Come on people, it’s ripe for critical analysis!

Case in point: today I showed this very image to a good friend of mine, one of the most progressive men (nay, people) I know, and he had to search for the origin of the word in his mind for a second after his immediate reaction of laughter, and only when I suggested it.

(And please please please don’t try to tell me that using the word “douche” is empowering because it combats the idea of the product, as in the act of douching is idiotic and unnecessary, because, in the mainstream, the former is done while the latter is not considered.)

Text from Adbusters’ latest e-newsletter, which is how I came across this: “Nike is oh so ripe for the plucking right now. Our first strike is the ‘Just Douche It’ ad spoof (which appeared on the back cover of the Big Ideas of 2009 issue). We’ll continue to use our Nike-clad douchebag character in print and video to challenge Nike’s domination of the fashion sneaker market. By snatching market share away from Nike we hope to inspire a new generation of grassroots entrepreneurs to launch their indie brands on the backs of megabrands like Nike, Starbucks, American Apparel, etc.”

I have to applaud their putting American Apparel in the same category of other conglomerates, but now I can only assume that their objection to AA is the union issue and has nothing to do with that fact that their CEO is a pig.

On a lighter note; from Wet Hot American Summer:

“In your dreams, douche-bag!”
“Douche-bags are hygienic products; I take that as a compliment. Thank you.”

Also, the entries for the word on Urban Dictionary are, as you can imagine, terribly enlightening.

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