The issue with gay marriage as an organizing push is that it creates a construction through which homosexuality will be understood. Rather than broadening the conversation in terms of the various ways in which sexuality can be flexible, it narrows the lens and creates an ideal that is ultimately limiting. It will do nothing to disturb the homo/hetero binary.

Gay marriage will create many new rights for a large section of the community, but I cannot help but wonder how many people will find themselves even more marginalized in a movement that seems determined to create a normative gay existence. The white picket fence is not for everyone and in the meantime issues like hate crime legislation, housing and employment discrimination are being ignored. Not everyone wants to get married, but everyone needs to live a life free of violence, everyone needs a home, and everyone needs a job. These are the universals that are being ignored in the hopes of securing gay marriage.

Womanist Musings

Marginalized groups gainings rights at the expense of other marginalized groups, by defining themselves as more ‘normal’ than the other, seems to be a common historical practice………… I mean to write more on this. Maybe some day.

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