“I drove to downtown Hollywood and burst into my agency. My agent Peter stood there. ‘I’m going to find out what else is out there!’ I said to him.

”’Out where? Can you hold on a minute Ted, I have to take this call’, said Peter, waving me off.

“’I’m leaving to find out what the REAL me is!’

”’But, but, Ted!’, he stammered (not hanging up the phone), ‘pilot season and more movies are right around the corner’!

“’I don’t care’, I shot back, ‘I’m going to find my purpose, my true self! Just like’, and I made a grand gesture to the window, ‘THOESE people do everyday!’



”’Did you just steal five bucks out my wallet when I turned around?’

“’WHAT? WHAT the $@^# are you saying, Peter?! Are you saying I’m a thief?! Is THAT what you’re saying?!’

”’Well, no, it’s just that…’

“’This just proved my point! Good day, sir!’”

Ted Raimi’s Web Log, Present Tense

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