My comrade Michael says it well

“[Michael Gene Sullivan] believes that the major problems of the American political landscape stem from the fact that the Government does not fear the People. Politicians fear upsetting their corporate sponsors, fear that if they misstep they may endanger their post-government corporate career. They are afraid of losing money. They should fear losing more…”

“How many ‘Let them eat cake/trickle down/bank bailout/healthcare filibuster’ moments have to go by before even the most jaded football fan puts down the remote and thinks about picking up a rock?”

“Yes, to CNN using the tragic electoral injustice of the loss of the Presidency to a Socialist/Fascist Foreign-born Health Care Hitler, whipping up high-ratings hatred, and inciting people to a violent Reactionary uprising is simply leaning to the Right. This is because CNN is so far to the right itself that it couldn’t see moderate with a bloody telescope. Remember – the reason we all know who Glenn Beck is is because CNN gave him a show. Before FOX it was CNN that put this weak-minded blabberpuss in front of the national audience. Lou Dobbs, Beck, Van Sustern… this was CNN’s team. And until I hear that Amy Goodman or Noam Chomsky is going to get a show to balance out Wolf Blitzer and the rest, I will see CNN as simply a FOX in sheep’s clothing.”

Michael Gene Sullivan’s recent Facebook msgs

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