quotes from ‘House of Yes’

Mom: “A person offers a little constructive criticism and a person gets lectured on the nature of things.”

Mom: “Let’s stick to the subject.”
Marty: “I have no idea what the subject is.”
Mom: “I’ll tell you what the subject is not.”
Marty: “No, Mama, that’s too broad a category; tell me what the subject is.”

Leslie: “I can’t talk like that about your brother.”
Jackie: “Pretend he’s not my brother; I do.”

Anthony: “I’ve never been to a hurricane before.”

Jackie: “Were you poor? Did you eat chicken pot pie?”
Leslie: “Pancakes. A lot of pancakes.”

Mom: “You look tired, why don’t you go to bed?”
Jackie: “I get bored in bed.”

Mom: “There’s no television and there’s no food. What else is there to stay up for?”

Anthony: “I hear you crying at night alone in your room. I hear her crying at night alone in her room.”
Marty: “You cry at night alone in your room?”
Anthony: “Don’t make fun of her; I won’t let you make fun of her.”
Marty: “I wasn’t going to make fun of her; I was going to ask her what she cries about.”

Jackie: “I don’t recognize the past tense.”

Mom: “A mother doesn’t spy; a mother pays attention.”

Mom: “People raise cattle; children just happen.”

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