Charles Fleischercomedian, voice artist, character actor, multimedia artist, writer, musician, theoretical mathematician. etc.

You can kind of tell he’s crazy genius. Well kind of. If you look at him with other people he looks unassuming–oldish, smallish, homelyish. But if you look at HIM, him ALONE, I think you can see it. If you focus, you can capture it–a glint in the eyes, a curve in those lips, especially that bottom one–that says–I’m kind of an übermensch. I’m kind of a Renaissance man. Or more–a master of all trades. Or–not all. But a lot of really cool and random and seemingly unconnected ones. Like a lot of left-brained stuff but some right-brained stuff too, just for good measure. The right-brained stuff that helps me to better express the left-brained stuff to right-brained people. He puts it all out there, in his various forms, so much so that you know he might be holding back, there is quite probably even more; we haven’t even scratched him.

“The universe is either a dodecahedron or a cheeseburger. And for me, it’s a win win! Everybody goes home happy!”

Interviewer: “You’ve been described as being brilliant. Let me ask you a question: as a comedian do you sometimes find that the audience doesn’t always get everything you do?”
CF: “I try and work on many levels, so that I can have an obscure reference to a Thomas Pynchon character and at the same time make a funny toilet sound. At the same time, use a little French haiku feng shui bonsai plant manipulation and like four people laugh for different reasons.” (from previous Tumblr post)

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