from “Northern Exposure” (1994)

Maurice: We’re talking about two men here. The whole thing flies in the face of the concept of marriage.
Chris: Be fruitful, multiply, that gig?
Maurice: Yeah, that for starters.
Chris: Look, Maurice, I see it as evolution. I mean, the population explodes, there’s something like 5.6 billion, right, and counting. We don’t need any more kinder, you know, the human race just kind of adjusts.
Maurice: You’re telling me that same-sex marriage is an adjustment?
Chris: I see it as mainstream.
Maurice: So in you’re twisted worldview, Ron and Eric are pillars of society?
Chris: Yeah, absolutely! Look, Maurice, guys like me and you, we’re the outlaws, man. We’re the renegades. We’re standing there taking a leak on the picket fence, man, riding down life’s highway, no helmet. No attachments.

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