[T]he system of education our children are being indoctrinated into today is fundamentally the same as it was 100 years ago, when it was designed to prepare factory workers for an industrial culture oriented toward manufacturing consumer goods and winning political and economic wars. Through competition, self-repression, standardization, and strict obedience to the clock, it teaches authoritarianism and unquestioned faith in the experts. It’s a billion-dollar industry in and of itself, which by all accounts is ineffective, outdated, disempowering to the individual, and unable to produce a fully literate population after years of compulsory schooling.

‘Let’s face it,’ [Wendy] Priesnitz writes, ‘the majority of the problems facing society today–pollution, unethical politicians, poverty, unsafe cars… the list goes on–have been created or overseen by the best traditional college graduates. Whether these problems were created by design or accident, we cannot fix them by continuing the status quo. We need to create a society that chooses action over consumption, that favors relating to others over developing new weapons, that encourages conservation over production. And this just won’t happen unless we de-institutionalize learning.’

Anna Jahns, “Creating Learning Communities”, Pathways to Family Wellness magazine, issue 31, fall 2011 – discussing Wendy Priesnitz’s book Challenging Assumptions in Education (the full article will be available online once the next issue is out)

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