It’s Thanksgiving/Day of Mourning! Depressing and happy, all at once, like only America can do.

“So, today, I asked my neighbour if he had some sugar I could borrow for my turkey brine. He said ‘No.’

"So I said, in my most stoic NDN voice, ‘I am a Native American. You should never forget the debt that your people owe to my people. You should always remember that we offered you kindness while you offered us broken hearts.’

"To this he replied, ‘No, I literally don’t have any sugar left. I just used the last of it. But if you’re that desperate, I can get some for you.’

"Embarrassed, I said, ‘No, I’ll get it myself.’ Then I turned to leave.

"Then, he asked, while we were at it, as neighbours, if he could borrow a cup of salt.

"At this, I replied, ‘IT NEVER FUCKING ENDS! GAAW!’ Then I ran away screaming and war whooping.

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