A rant about food

This morning we ate at a standard-American family restaurant. It was pretty bad, and left me feeling gross and vaguely gut-sick. My kid barely ate his food, and I couldn’t blame him; it tasted like chemicals. I know I am especially sensitive, but I am reminded just how processed and removed-from-the-source the typical American diet has become. The priority–and the standard–is what’s the cheapest and easiest to produce, and what has the longest shelf-life. But regardless of what the propaganda says, modern food science does not consider the effects on our health–long- or short-term (or the environment, which is another rant entirely).

And I’m annoyed that even talking about good food is considered so bourgeois; that wanting–god forbid expecting–fresh, healthy, REAL food is somehow yuppity. It doesn’t seem to matter, initiatives going on that are trying to make good food more accessible, because crap-food just gets cheaper, and that’s all people care about. It doesn’t seem to matter, that a high consumption of crap-food is bad for you, because it’s good for the economy–it keeps people working for peanuts (NPI), it keeps money running to the top, and it keeps people sick, which keeps pharmaceutical and health-insurance companies hugely profitable and powerful. No wonder we get scoffed at when when question food science–it’s a threat to the status quo, as defined by capitalism.

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