Ep 41. HOW DID THIS GET MADE – Spiderman 3 w/ Kulap Vilaysack

Spiderman goes EMO, Mary Jane Sings and there are more Dance Scene than Villians.

It’s the movie that rebooted a franchise.


Any discussion of Spider-Man 3 is inevitably a discussion of where your loyalty lies.

This was by far my favorite Spider-Man film, the only one worth watching more than once. And that is because Sam Raimi made it his. (He directed the three, and was little more than a pawn of the production company’s for the first two.) And while I’m pretty indifferent to Spider-Man, I am a stringent devotee (read: gushing fangirl) of Sam Raimi’s.

I’m not the only one. One of the only, perhaps, but not the only.

(And for the record, that dance sequence was lame only if lame in this case is a euphemism for AWESOME.)

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