For our first bit of comedy to appreciate: a slice of the legendary “Kids in the Hall” TV show, which ran from 1989–1995. This sketch is from season 3, 1991–92 (see also

But first, to cite myself, from our manifesto: “The Kids [in the Hall] are a great inspiration to me because, though they are considered comedians, they are not always funny in the ‘ha-ha’ sense of the word. Not only do they fly in the face of conventional sketch standards, their style allows the discomfort many comedic forms do, but without all the catharsis of the punchline laugh.”

Reasons this sketch is great:

  1. Dave Foley: Always hot as a woman, particularly smokin’ here.
  2. Bruce McCulloch: The classic sleazeball.
  3. The twist at the end: Both because it’s a twist and because of the content of the twist (which I desperately want to list as a reason, as #1, but I won’t spoil it for you).
  4. Cajun music: It warms my soul.
  5. Gratuitous violence: Utilizing the ever-controversial rule of 1,000.
  6. Questioning the (sanctimonious) sanctity of marriage as a necessarily heterosexual, lifelong commitment with absurdity, through the tiresome repetition of the ritual of the marriage itself, juxtaposed with the surrounding scenes.
  7. Twins!


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