Nick Hornby posts announcement of “Juliet, Naked” film adaptation in the works

Nick Hornby‘s “Juliet, Naked” is coming to the big screen!! Oh my goodness, in many ways this is the announcement I’ve been waiting for since ’09!

But when I read the article, my elan dwindled. The combination of it looking like an entirely American production, and some of the meh-inducing people involved, and the screenplay NOT having been written by Nick Hornby makes me a little queasy.

I know that they (“they” not being the people involved in this production, but rather other American filmmakers and people who are not Nick Hornby) did a good job with “High Fidelity,” but I’m a little more attached to this novel.

And it should be all about me and my expectations, of course.

My undying love for “Juliet, Naked” was immortalized back in ’09 with this review.

I am still excited, but now, hesitantly, warily. I will cheerlead for it no matter what, even if it’s mostly to get people to read the book, which is, je ne sais quoi, One Of The Best Novels Ever Written; nbd.

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