The Monkees TV show 50th anniversary

50. years ago. today.

And I’ve been a fan for nearly 30 of those! It would have been longer, if that were physically possibly. (My mom was not a fan, so I did not listen in the womb, or anything like that.)

My life and personality have been shaped by these lads. I look into these faces—faces and gestures and mannerisms I know so well, more than many family members’—and feel a nostalgia (dare I say saudade) for my own youth, and for a time I never knew.

I’d give anything for a photo of Alicia and me—rocking a custom-made Micky Dolenz tee shirt—the night we saw them perform during their 30th anniversary tour… Highlights included shaking Peter Tork’s hand (with a hand I haven’t washed in 20 years); walking by Davy “I *am* standing up” Jones and only then truly believing how short he was; and getting a smile and a nod from Micky on stage, presumably for the aforementioned tee shirt (I am almost positive I did not imagine that last one).

Good News in History September 12

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