Two songs for the end of 2019: “Samba De Janiero” by Bellini and “”Another Happy New Year” by Spirit of the West”

Two songs for the end of 2019. Two very different songs- both get me moving like few things do, but in different ways- the first mostly in my hips and trunk, the second in my legs (I love running to it).

“Samba De Janiero” by Bellini- not a new song, but new to me this year, and an instant favorite. Introduced to me as most of my favorite music has been introduced to me for over 5 years now; by The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show:

The second song, very different, and a classic; I’ve posted this for New Year’s before, many times. “Another Happy New Year” by Spirit of the West, more salient and poignant now that frontman John Mann has seen his last new year:

Happy New Year!✨

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